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The 4U Ministries is founded on the Scriptures. It was not created as an entertainment offering. It was created out of an obedience to God's Word and Holy Spirit.

Throughout 2019 and 2020 several anointed 4U Conferences were conducted. Many testimonies of the healing power of God were received.

Now, we are being led to move into a new area of ministry. Our outreach is being drawn to those in prisons, homeless, and helpless. There are so many that are hurting in this day and time. Many folks cannot attend a local church, and many will not attend for various reasons. God is pouring out His Spirit upon the entire earth for those who are lost and hurting. We desire to be hands outstretched for Him to the hurting.

Our first step in this new direction was to write a brand new question and answer book called, "Silent Questions." This book addresses the often wondered about, but never asked questions concerning our walk with the Lord. 

Frequently we don't ask these questions simply out of embarrassment or shame. They can be questions that have haunted a person for years. Questions of this nature can literally make one withdraw from church, family and friends.

BUT God wants to set everyone free. We have selected 25 actual questions that were submitted to us over the course of the past couple of years. We have tried to give short, honest, and direct answers to these questions using Scripture as the basis for our response.

God has opened up a prison ministry through this book that we had no idea would happen! A ministry out of Florida is now sending this book, Silent Questions, to prisons all across the United States! If you want to help us to get this book into the hands of many more prisoners, we have a "Donate" button at the bottom of this screen. These funds are immediately set aside for purchasing more Silent Questions books. We thank you in advance and pray God multiples to you over and above what you have given to this cause.


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